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Enjoying the Beauty of De Djawatan Forest


Holiday Ayo – Located in Purwosari, Benculuk, Cluring, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, De Djawatan Forest is a hidden gem destination in Banyuwangi that is worth a visit.

This 3.8-hectare forest has extraordinary features. By presenting views of the trees that seem magical, hundreds of Trembesi trees from the Netherlands are still alive and standing strong today.

This forest is famous for its large, beautiful canopy-shaped trees. For fans of the film Lord of the Rings, the beauty and atmosphere of the Fangor forest in the film are likened to the condition of the De Djawatan Forest.

Well, you can imagine what kind of beauty this De Djawatan Forest will hypnotize its visitors.

Some of the trees are over a hundred years old. Indeed, the Trembesi tree or rain tree is a large tree that can grow quickly. The shape that resembles an umbrella or a wide canopy is very unique, especially since the grass that grows under the trees tends to be greener in color than the grass around it.

In this forest, Travelers can track, take a leisurely walk following the path to surround the forest, breathe in the cool fresh air, be pampered with the green surrounding natural atmosphere.

For an alternative, a traveler can also sit or have a picnic, while enjoying this beautiful and enchanting natural scenery. If you want to get a calm forest atmosphere, be sure to visit this forest on weekdays and avoid long vacation periods that are usually crowded with visitors.

Besides being pampered to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this forest, Travelers who like selfies will also be satisfied with this amazing photo background. Taking pictures in the middle of the forest will look like a fairy tale.

Not only taking pictures with the background of trees but several other interesting spots that support the photos to be cooler. Among them are photo spots on used trucks and treehouses.

The treehouse photo spot is the photo spot that is most in demand by visitors, so it’s no wonder that queues often appear to be able to take photo locations here.

To get the best photos, travelers should.ide in the morning, so they get the ‘golden hour’ or in the afternoon because there will be reddish sunlight that makes the atmosphere of the location more beautiful.

The existence of De Djawatan has existed for a long time, namely since the Dutch colonial era. At that time, this six-hectare forest was originally used as a place to store teak trees. Its existence is maintained because it is managed quite seriously by the South Banyuwangi Forest Management Unit Perhutani (KPH) as the landowner, in collaboration with the Banyuwangi Regency Tourism Office, which became viral around 2017.

Since then, the existence of this forest has also been in the spotlight of selfie photo lovers and fun holidays for many people.

De Djawatan Forest is 45 kilometers to the west from downtown Banyuwangi.

The distance from the city center can reach 30 to 60 minutes by private vehicle. Access to De Djawatan Forest is not too difficult.

Its location, which is on the southern Banyuwangi-Jember main route, is easy to find because it is equipped with road signs.

Make sure you find a large mosque with the Jami’ Al-Falah Benculuk Mosque or Benculuk Mosque as a benchmark.

This mosque is on the right side of the road if the traveler.ides from the direction of Banyuwangi City. The entrance to the De Djawatan Forest is in the alley north of the mosque.

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